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28th May, 2018

PSO launches environment friendly RON 97 fuel to deliver superior engine performance

Pakistan State Oil (PSO), in continuation of its quest to improve the quality of fuels in Pakistan, has upgraded its products portfolio with the inclusion of the RON 97 high octane petrol under brand name “Altron X Hi- Octane 97”. RON 97 delivers superior performance to vehicles for a smooth and knock-free drive. The higher-grade RON results in extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs. As they result in better engine hygiene, the new RON 97 from PSO reduces the environmental impact due to lower emissions. Additional benefits of the new product range include better mileage, enhanced engine performance and a great driving experience to the consumer.

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MD & CEO'S Message

PSO is an iconic institution of Pakistan, the number of people we touch every day is extraordinary. With the talented people in the organization, a well-established storage and supply infrastructure and a wide-spread retail network, PSO has supported and ensured that the wheels of our nation’s economy continue to move. During FY 2015, we continued to dominate the market with our share of 66.6% in the Black Oil and 49.8% in the White Oil resulting in an overall market share of 56.8%.

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