Retail Fuels

PSO works relentlessly to fulfill the needs of the automotive and agricultural sector

Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5

Our superior quality Diesel Euro 5 with a cetane index of 53-58 enhances engine life, performance, and efficiency while reducing emissions and protecting the engines.

Become a PSO Dealer

Become a PSO dealer by establishing a retail outlet to sell fuels, lubricants, and services, including a car wash, tire shop, and quick service restaurants.

Octane+ Euro 5

We are the first to introduce world-class Euro 5 standard fuels with a higher octane rate for more mileage and a clean environment. An effort to play a critical role in a cleaner and greener Pakistan.

Premier Euro 5

We are the first energy company to introduce Premier Euro 5 in Pakistan, a standard fuel that gives better engine performance and mileage and ensures a greener and healthier environment. 

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