Super Gas Engine Oil Plus

PSO SUPER GAS ENGINE OIL PLUS is premium quality gas engine oil. The synthetic formula oil is blended with a combination of superior quality synthetic and hydro treated base oils with robust additive package.

This oil is suitable for all 4-stroke stationary natural gas fuelled engines with proven performance in naturally aspirated and turbo charged engines. PSO offers SUPER GAS ENGINE OIL PLUS in Low Ash & Medium Ash for appropriate application.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration by neutralizing the acid formation
    • A balanced sulphated ash level optimizes valve surface lubrication, reduces valve seat recession & avoids spark plug fouling
    • TBN value is optimized to neutralize corrosive acid formation during dry and hot combustion, thus enhancing engine components' life
    • Superior additive technology used in the formulation of PSO SUPER GAS ENGINE OIL PLUS meets the performance requirement of major Gas Engine OEMs:
    • API CF
    • Niigata
    • Guascor
    • Moderate service turbocharged stationary engines fuelled by natural gas
    • Equally suitable for dual-fuel gas engines ignited by diesel pilot fuel

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