Hygrol AW

PSO HYGROL AW is blended with high quality refined mineral oils and fortified with zinc-based premium anti-wear hydraulic additives.

The oils are developed for both high and low pressure hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile application where anti wear properties are beneficial.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Excellent wear protection
    • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability
    • Excellent hydrolytic stability
    • Excellent wet and dry filterability per ISO 13357
    • Superior rust and corrosion protection
    • Superior additive technology used in the formulation of PSO HYGROL AW endorses the following performance standards:
    • Parker Denison HF-1, HF-2, HF-0
    • ASTM D6158 HL, HM, HV
    • DIN 51524 Parts I, 2, 3
    • Chinese standards GB 11118.1 L-HL & L-HM High-pressure and general
    • Excellent for the hydraulic and specific circulating system
    • Provides support for lubrication in total loss systems as well as in mechanical vacuum pumps; and particular application in air compressor and mechanical tool application
    • ISO 68, 100, and 150 viscosity grades can be used for specific enclosed gear applications

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