Lubricants Manufacturing Terminal

LMT Features

  • Automatic Batch Blending System Entailing a single shift production capacity of 50,000 MT per annum, a highly sophisticated system comprises an Automatic Batch Blender for production in batches and a Simultaneous Metering Blender for continuous & bulk blends imported from ABB Cellier (France).
  • Automatic Can & Cap Manufacturing Machines Built on the latest technology and imported from Techne (Italy) & Battenfeld (Austria).
  • Automatic Can Filling & Capping Machines Built on the latest technology and imported from Comaco (Italy).
  • Automatic Drum Filling Machine By-weight filling machine imported from Velcon (USA).
  • Tank Farm having an oil storage capacity of around 6000 MT.
  • State-of-the-art Warehousing Setup Employing drive-in & drive-through pallets racking system.
  • Highly Efficient Fire Fighting System Employing the best combination of automation technology and manual controls.
  • Central Air-conditioning System Over 300 Tons of central air-conditioning has been carried out for Can Manufacturing & Filling Sections.
  • Chillers are highly energy-efficient and can operate on Natural Gas, Diesel & different forms of Recovered Waste Heat.
  • Self Power Generation System Two Natural Gas driven generators of capacity 1200 KVA & 900 KVA each and one stand-by Diesel driven generator of the capacity of 1200 KVA.

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