Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5

Introduction of Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5 in Pakistan

Pakistan State Oil launched the Euro 5 standard high-speed diesel under the brand name ‘PSO Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5’.

Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5 is the primary power source for heavy-duty vehicles because of its high efficiency in compression-ignition engines.

It is a high-performing, cleaner fuel with its sulfur content reduced by 98 percent from 500 ppm to 10 ppm. The cetane rating of diesel is similar to the octane number of motor gasoline.

Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5 Outlets - PDF
  • Ease of engine starting & operability at low ambient temperatures

  • Environmentally friendly - Reduced SOx and NOx emissions being significantly low in sulphur contents

  • Low engine maintenance cost - due to lesser wear & tear of engine components on account of improved lubricity

  • Stable and cleaner fuel, low particulate matter; longer life of fuel filter resulting in cleaner engine parts

Low Engine Maintenance Cost

Improved lubrication enables lesser wear & tear of engine components resulting in low engine maintenance cost and ease of engine ignition.

Environment Friendly

Reduced sulfur content guarantees a reduction in SOx and NOx emissions, ensuring a cleaner & greener environment.

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