Premier Euro 5

Introduction of Premier Euro 5 in Pakistan

Pakistan State Oil is the first energy company to introduce Premier Euro 5, an international standard fuel that ensures peak performance in petrol-driven vehicles. It optimizes vehicle engine performance and gives a better driving experience.

It helps reduce harmful vehicle emissions, which further minimizes the impact on our environment, thus benefitting the ecosystem while improving an engine's performance.

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  • Better engine performance

  • Better mileage

  • Reduces vehicle/engine emissions

  • Engine and catalytic converter durability

  • Elimination of engine knocking, especially in turbocharged engines

  • Creates a cleaner & greener environment for our future generations

Engine Efficiency

Improved engine efficiency with cleaner fuel containing lower sulfur content to keep the engine protected.

Cleaner & Greener Environment

Reduction in harmful emissions and pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and particulates ensure a healthy ecosystem.

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