Gear & Wire Rope Compound

PSO GEAR & WIRE ROPE COMPOUND is a black adhesive compound developed for a wide range of industrial and mobile machinery lubrication applications. The compound is specially formulated for application where low cost and ease of lubrication of gear and wires ropes is required. PSO offers six viscosity grades of GEAR & WIRE ROPE COMPOUNDS to suit specific applications.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Excellent protection against gear and surface wear
    • Good Rust and corrosion protection
    • Suitable for large open gears
    • Pliable and long-lasting high, strength lubricant film
    • High resistance to adverse weather conditions
    • Open gears in cement works, quarries, and crushing mills
    • Wire ropes in elevators, overhead cranes, draglines, and mobile equipment
    • Railway lines and other railroad equipment
    • Special equipment in steel mills and coal mines conveyors.
    • Chains and sprockets

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