Bearing Compound

PSO BEARING COMPOUND is formulated to provide improved performance to Mill House Bearings by forming non-rupturing oil film under heavy load condition and at very low RPM.

Extreme Pressure characteristics of PSO Bearing Compounds react chemically with metal surface to form protective layer, which adhere strongly under boundary lubrication condition.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Formation of non-rupturing oil film to reduce bearing operating temperature that extends the service life of Mill House Bearings
    • Reduces oil consumption in the total loss lubrication regime
    • The oil chemically reacts with the metal surface to form a solid protective layer between the moving parts
    • Provides a strong power of adhesion and wetting quality even under extreme pressure and high load condition
    • Developed for Mill House Pinion Bearings with the added property of adherence, a total loss system of lubricant is employed. Because of their film-forming solid properties, these grades offer extra protection to Mill House Bearing

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