Corporate Cards

The PSO Corporate Card is an employee-specific card with a pre-approved credit limit. It helps track individual expenditure. Corporate Cards exceeding 500 liters or Rs.50000/- are treated as 'Bulk Card' (used to purchase fuel for generators).

The upgraded PSO Corporate Card increases the customer’s convenience since it can be used for fuel and redemption points.

Supplementary Corporate Card

Corporate Cardholders can avail of up to 3 Supplementary Cards and share the limit of their Primary Card. In addition, loyalty points earned against the Supplementary Cards are automatically accumulated with the points made against the primary card.

Time to Fuel The Smart Way

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  • Unmatched Benefits

    Benefits of PSO Corporate Cards

  • The economy in fuel expenditures

  • Pre-approved credit limit

  • Prevention of misuse since the vehicle registration number is embossed on the card

  • Personalized Corporate Card for managing monthly fuel-entitlement

  • Reduces risk of cash-handling

  • Accumulation of PSO Loyalty Points and facility to avail all the benefits on the Corporate Cards

  • Issuance of up to 3 supplementary cards against a single Corporate Card

  • Elimination of paperwork as well as cumbersome reconciliation at organizations

  • Computerized and consolidated monthly billing statements with a detailed expenditure of each vehicle

  • Availability of two dedicated helplines; Ta'aluq Care Line (from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm) and Altpay helpline (24/7) to serve you

  • PSO Stations Accepting Corporate Cards

    Giving you the flexibility you deserve

    • Who can avail PSO Fuel Cards?
      • Company-owned fleet/pool vehicles
      • Logistics and distribution companies
      • Corporate executives
      • Private vehicle owners
    • How to apply for the Corporate Card?

      To apply, kindly follow the below-mentioned steps:

      But, first, fill in a new account opening form and get it signed and stamped by an authorized signatory - the forms are available at all PSO offices and may also be downloaded from our corporate website.

      Attach the requisite documents (listed below) along with the account opening form:

      • Valid CNIC/SNIC of authorized signatories and Corporate Card applicants.
      • Account opening request on company letterhead
      • Bank reference letter
      • Letter of Authority from the Head of Organization in favor of the Authorized Signatories dealing with PSO on behalf of that organization. In the case of GoP-Clients, an official notification of Appointment as Drawing & Disbursement Officer (DDO) or similar Authorization Letter would be required

      Submit the new account opening form and requisite documents at our Head office or Regional offices.

    • How much does it cost?

      The PSO Corporate Cards are available for our customers at minimal cost:

      • First-time application-processing charges per card - Rs. 250/-.
      • For the issuance of a replacement (lost or damaged card) - Rs. 250/-.
      • Renewal of a card is free of cost.
      • A nominal service charge of 1.65% on monthly consumption will be charged each month.
      • A late payment surcharge of 2% is applicable.
    • What is the card activation procedure?

      Please follow the following procedure for activation of your PSO Fuel Card(s):

      • Write a letter on your company's official letterhead mentioning your name on the card, card number, and CNIC number in case of an individual corporate card.
      • Get it signed by the authorized signatory of your PSO Card Account and put your company's official stamp.
      • Send the activation letter/request to Customer Services, 1st Floor, PSO House, Khayaban-e-Iqbal Clifton, Karachi. You can also fax it to (9221)99203785 or email the scanned copy to [email protected].

      For activation of your PSO Corporate Card, please call the toll-free number 0800 03000. Your card will be activated after standard verification.

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