Carient Ultra Synthetic Motor Oil with AI Formula

PSO CARIENT ULTRA is a premium quality synthetic formula fortified with Advance Additive package.

It ensures robust and longer oil service than conventional oils to provide superior engine protection, maintains viscosity at high and low temperatures; thus ensures easy start-up and excellent wear protection at high temperatures.

The oil also provides strong protection to engine parts against corrosion and rust formation. The anti-oxidant characteristics resist against oil degradation and thus control oil thickening.

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    • PSO CARIENT Ultra motor oil provides the following benefits:
    • Premium quality synthetic formula multi-grade engine oil suitable for modern passenger cars
    • The outstanding strength of protective oil film at extreme temperatures and load conditions reduces friction between moving parts, thus enhancing fuel efficiency
    • Good thermal and oxidation stability gives extended oil drain intervals and minimizes deposits on engine components
    • Excellent corrosion protection properties provide resistance against rust and extend the engine service life
    • Protection against wear from cold temperature start-up reduces energy losses and improves fuel efficiency
    • High detergency and excellent dispersion control deposits at a wide temperature range keep engine components clean, removes contaminants from oil supply lines, and ensure enhanced lubrication
    • Superior additive technology used in the formulation of PSO CARIENT ULTRA motor oil endorses the following performance standards:
    • API
    • SN /CF
    • ILSAC
    • GF-5
    • Formulated for high-speed 4-stroke turbocharged or naturally aspirated gasoline engines
    • Equally suitable for all types of stationary and off-road gasoline engines

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    PSO CARIENT ULTRA is a premium quality synthetic formula fortified with an Advance Additive package. As a result, it ensures more extended oil service than conventional oils to provide superior engine protection.

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