PSO Two-Stroke Oil

PSO Two-Stroke Oil is a cost effective quality oil for two-Stroke engines, especially developed for small to medium size air-cooled two-stroke engines used in motor cycles, scooters and three-wheeler light passenger vehicles. PSO TWOSTROKE OIL is formulated with an up-graded low ash additive system to ensure protection against scuffing of piston rings and liner wear by minimizing piston ring deposits.

Product Data Sheet

    • Excellent thermal stability supports high-temperature application in air-cooled engines
    • Protection against ring shaking and exhaust blocking
    • Control of engine deposits to prevent pre-ignition
    • Consistent power output
    • Longer engine service life
    • Mixed at fuel to oil ratio recommended by the equipment manufacturer
    • Superior additive technology used in the formulation of PSO TWO-STROKE OIL endorses the following performance standards:
    • JASO
    • FB
    • ISO
    • L-EGB
    • Developed for the lubrication of all types of two-stroke automotive gasoline engines
    • Three-wheeler light passenger vehicles powered by two-stroke engines
    • Chainsaws and portable equipment powered by a two-stroke engine

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