Quenching Oil

Flushing Oil is formulated PSO QUENCHING OIL is blended with selected highly refined base oil with multifunctional oil soluble additive to support in rapid heat dissipation.

The product has the property of high flash point and improved degree of oxidation and thermal stability, so that the rate of heat dissipation is not impaired mainly on account of loss of lighter fractions. With highly refined mineral base oil to flush engine after the old oil is taken out from the system and before the fresh oil is charged in.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • PSO QUENCHING OIL provides the following benefits:
    • Good heat transfer characteristics
    • Good oxidation stability
    • Good thermal stability
    • Low deposit formation
    • Excellent quenching performance
    • Gives maximum hardness to the metal with minimum distortion
    • Employed for the heat treatment of metals as quenching media to acquire correct tempering of high carbon steel tools and other accessories
    • Meet the requirement of heat treatment of medium to high alloy steels

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