Alternate Fuels


PSO introduced an eco-friendly substitute for petro-diesel fuel that releases fewer air pollutants. Derived from vegetable oil & animal fats, it is our contribution to renewable fuel standards for a cleaner and greener Pakistan. 


Based on PSO’s responsive propagation of Jatropha Cultivation in Pakistan, more than 3000 acres of marginal/barren land have been cultivated with Jatropha throughout Pakistan.

The pictures are from different Jatropha Farms in Pakistan. They include Jatropha plantation at PMY (Karachi), Shujaat Farm (Matiari), Wayaro Farm (Balochistan), Al-Wardah Farm (Nooriabad), Tando Adam, and others.

Model Farm

PSO has made significant progress in the plantation of Jatropha Curcas and now leading in all aspects of its plantation to biodiesel protection and its application. 

Promotional Activities

PSO is staunchly carrying out promotional activities by giving presentations, submitting research reports, and corresponding with various stakeholders for promotion, research, and development work on Jatropha in Pakistan.

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