PSO HYGROL is blended with high quality mineral oils and a multi-functional fully formulated R&O hydraulic oil additive package of anti-oxidant & anti-corrosion properties to meet the most stringent requirement of hydraulic system.

The oil contains a metal passivator, demulsifier and antifoam agent for improved product performance and longer fluid life.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
    • Protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion
    • Excellent demulsibility provides efficient water separation
    • Reduced foam to ensure smooth, efficient operations
    • Available in wide viscosity ranges to suit requirements of operating pressure and temperature as well as the type and design of the hydraulic pump
    • Superior additive technology used in the formulation of PSO HYGROL endorses the following performance standards:
    • Parker Denison HF-1
    • DIN 51524 Part 1
    • MIL-PRF-17672E
    • AFNOR 48-600 HL
    • Applicable to both mobile and stationary industrial hydraulic systems
    • High-quality lubricants can also be used as excellent general-purpose machine lubricants
    • Higher viscosity grades can be used for specific enclosed gear applications

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