Other Lubricants

Generator Oil

PSO’s Generator Oil is equally suitable for gasoline and CNG fuelled generators and is a quality lubricant to reduce equipment breakdown and optimize your machine’s performance.

Gear & Transmission Fluid

PSO formulated G&T fluid from highly refined mineral base oil to ensure optimum value to your machine through enhanced wear protection, long oil life, and efficiency under high temperature and load conditions.

Hydraulic Brake Fluids HD

PSO’s brake fluid is a premium, high-performance, low viscosity fluid that protects brake parts and prevents them from corrosion and swelling. Ultimately, your brake failure risk is nearly zero with its Anti Vapor lock properties.

Flushing Oil

PSO formulated Flushing Oil with a highly refined mineral base oil, having low sulfur, non-detergent oil that is best suitable for removing light hydrocarbon-based fluid systems from your vehicles.

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