Syed Muhammad Taha


Syed Taha, capitalizing on his over three decades of cross-industry experience, both local and international, marked the highest ever profits, raising the bar with historic operational and financial performance for the second consecutive year in the approximately five decades of Pakistan’s largest energy icon - PSO. Under his leadership, the company has gone from strength to strength, maintaining strong volumetric growth in all product lines and steadily increasing market shares across major portfolios.

Taha has successfully transformed PSO from an oil marketing business to an agile, integrated & future-ready energy company. He spearheaded the clean energy revolution in Pakistan, making PSO the first company to introduce Euro 5 fuels in the country while also building scale in low carbon energy alternatives such EV charging and solarization of locations. He streamlined management and marketing, redesigned the company’s internal architecture and unlocked the talent and potential of the organization’s human capital with special focus on diversity and inclusion. 

Harnessing the power of disruptive and indigenous technologies, he set the wheels for the company’s long-term sustainability in motion through business process reengineering, automation & digitization, diversification and new ventures. He increased focus on infrastructural projects, strategic financial management and high margin products with safety and customer-centricity being underpinning drivers of all initiatives.

Taha was appointed as the MD & CEO of PSO in February 2020. Shortly after he took the helm of affairs, the world was hit by the COVID19 pandemic, followed by a nationwide fuel crisis. He deftly steered the company through troubled waters, successfully overcoming a myriad of challenges, making PSO emerge stronger and more resilient than before while fulfilling the obligation of fueling the nation in an adverse operating environment. 

Prior to his current position, he worked as an Executive Director in Oasis Energy, heading the Program Management Office of Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, Nigeria, where he led a global team of subject matter experts to provide strategic and operational support to the leadership team while successfully spearheading and executing multidisciplinary and multimillion-dollar projects. Managing revenues exceeding USD 1.9 billion, Taha catered to 2.4 million customers in Karachi, improving the productivity & effectiveness of 8000+ employees as the Chief Distribution Officer at K-Electric Limited. 

Taha has worked for almost a decade at PSO previously as well, where he held several senior positions and led various functions as Head of Corporate Affairs, Retail Fuels, Cards Business and Corporate Planning. Taha also served at Shell Pakistan, Caltex Pakistan (A Chevron Company) and has experience in the steel industry. 

Well known as a visionary strategist and respected for his transformational skills in the energy sector with over two decades of executive level experience, Taha has been a key member of the change management and leadership teams in various organizations where he successfully turned around struggling enterprises into highly profitable concerns. He holds an engineering degree with an MBA in Finance from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

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