Process Initiatives

Management of Change

Every change or modification at each PSO facility is thoroughly reviewed before implementation. For this purpose, PSO has a Change Management & Technical Review committee at the corporate level. In addition, each facility has a sub-committee for changes and modifications review.

The purpose of conducting change management under review is to ensure that HSE & operational risks arising from proposed changes are managed to an acceptable level (ALARP – As Low As Reasonably Practicable) and that all our operational facilities continue to operate safely and efficiently.

Permit to Work System (Update on Existing)

We continuously update the HSE System to control all non-routine activities conducted by PSO’s permanent employees or contractual staff with proper authorization, Hazard and Risk assessment, and mitigation. Additionally, permit issuers and receivers are identified, regularly trained, and qualified to ensure safe work methods at the site.

Pre-Start Safety Review

We have also introduced a Pre-Start Safety Review process for our facilities where every modification, change, new plant, and the procedure is under the strict scrutiny of the pre-startup safety review process. It ensures that all our processes are safe to commission and will operate as per designed parameters.

HSE Audits & Inspections

To ensure compliance with the HSE Policy and Management System, mainly including on-ground execution of HSE plans, audits and inspections are the critical tools to measure continuous improvement and management of operational HSE risks at the company’s facilities, including installations, depots, aviation stations, divisional offices, LPG and lubricant manufacturing plants.

Safety on Road

Each facility ensures its employees and workers are aware of and comply with PSO’s Road Safety Program. The program addresses road safety for motor vehicles, tank lorries, and LPG bowsers.

The program requires:

  • Active involvement by all employees
  • Accurate collection, reporting, and analysis of motor vehicle and tank lorry accidents
  • Driver selection complies with the guidelines provided by corporate HSE

Environmental Protection

PSO considers sustainability an integral part of its business strategy. We ensure our operations are conducted in an environment-friendly manner in compliance with the regulatory framework. Our facilities continuously monitor environmental parameters.

In 2017, in line with the Petroleum ministry directive, PSO revised the specifications of imported High-Speed Diesel. The new standard has reduced sulphur content to 500 ppm (previously 5000 ppm) to reduce air emissions from diesel engine vehicles.

PSO is also the first energy company in Pakistan to introduce Euro 5 fuels. with 98% reduced sulphur content (10 ppm compared to 500 ppm in EURO 2 standard), reducing harmful vehicular emissions and contributing to a safe and healthy environment.

PSO ran the Clean & Green corporate campaign on TV in 2019 with a public service message regarding cleanliness, road safety, and environmental preservation.

Asset Integrity/Process Safety Management

Effective implementation of International and OGRA’s Asset Integrity/Process Safety Management (AI/PSM) standards is critical in minimizing the risk of catastrophic fire and explosion incidents at oil and gas facilities.

PSO ensures its AI/PSM framework is aligned with the OGRA regulatory and international safety standards. Furthermore, as part of the company’s continuous improvement strategy, rigorous efforts are in place to reinforce the robustness of critical elements of AI/PSM systems such as Management of Change (MoC), Permit-to-Work system (PtW), and Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) for on-ground effective execution.

These activities are regularly monitored and reviewed by the HSE Steering Committee and a dedicated technical expert committee.

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