Plant Initiatives

Guidelines for Identification of Safety-Critical Equipment

Equipment and systems, failure of which could cause a major accident or the presence of which is to prevent or limit the effect of a major accident, are critical. The integrity of such equipment is essential throughout the lifecycle of facilities, and the guidelines help ensure the same.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring at PSO House

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a significant environmental issue. With the increased building tightness, the growing use of synthetic materials, and energy conservation measures that reduce the amount of outside air supply, as well as the use of modern office equipment (e.g., photocopiers, laser printers, and computers), cleaning products, and outdoor air pollution, can also increase the level of indoor air contamination.

HSE department ensures monitoring of Indoor Air Quality at PSO House.

Environmental Audit at PSO facilities

Environmental audits have been conducted at various PSO facilities to assess and improve environment-friendly practices.

Audits are conducted to:

  • Identify potential environmental issues
  • Determine the environmental impacts of PSO’s activities on the site and receptors
  • Recommend measures to lessen the impact on the environment

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