Work Culture


PSO believes that human capital is what drives growth and propels the organization to new heights. We invest in our people by inculcating a passion for continuous professional development with constructive training and development, enabling them to perform remarkably on the job and achieve their career objectives.

Engaged Empowered Workforce

We ensure a work environment where our people are safe, empowered, and inspired every day to innovate and contribute towards the bigger goal. PSO family enjoys a culture of respect, trust, and recognition where ideas are heard, performance is rewarded and employees are encouraged to continuously grow and reinvent themselves.

Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

As an equal opportunity employer, PSO welcomes individuals from all walks of life, celebrating diversity and inclusion in the workplace, where every employee is considered an asset to the company.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

From celebrating birthdays, and business milestones together, to exciting team meetings over breakfasts, to company-wide retreats, we work hard and enjoy what we do!

Career Growth Opportunities

  1. Foreign training through top universities in the world. Employees have successfully conducted training at INSEAD, Harvard, and Stanford.
  2. Structured learning & development initiatives, inclusive of intricately mapped out training plans, cadre-wise development programs, and collaboration with leading organizations to coach our employees.
  3. Internal job postings with an emphasis on our internal employees’ career progression.

Our Employees are Important to Us

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