Terms & Conditions of the Service

  • This service is available for PSO Smart Fleet/Corporate/Commercial Cards and not for old Magnetic-Strip-based PSO Cards
  • PSO will not be responsible for any delay or unsuccessful SMS/Email alert delivery
  • There will be no relaxation in PSO Cards Bill Payment if the alerts are delayed or not received for whatever reason
  • Long names may appear truncated in SMS due to limitation of SMS length (e.g., Account Name, PSO Retail Outlet Name, etc.)
  • SMS/Email Alerts are for information purposes only and may not be used for reconciliation purposes
  • Ensuring the integrity of ownership of the Mobile Phone Number(s) and/or Email Address (es) subscribed is the responsibility of the subscriber(s) and the authorized signatory of the account
  • In case of any dispute, the cardholder should inform PSO Cards Division within 48 hours of receiving an SMS/Email Alert

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