PSO Cards Pull SMS Alerts Service

SMS Alerts Service

Customers can now keep a track of their card/account activity, anytime, anywhere, through additional avenues. On initiating a query through SMS from subscribed mobile phone number, customers can inquire card’s/account’s information.

Account’s Authorized Signatory/Contact Person can inquire the following information:

SMS Alert Service Type "MSG" Send SMS No
Account Outstanding Amount “Os” Space “1234567” 5892
Account Status “Ase” Space “1234567” 5892
Card Balance Inquiry “Bal” Space “7002000123456789” 5892
Last Three Transactions “Last3” Space “7002000123456789” 5892
Loyalty Points Inquiry “Lbal” Space “7002000123456789” 5892
PIN Generation “Pgen” Space “7002000123456789” 5892

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