Heat Transfer Oil Excel

PSO HEAT TRANSFER OIL EXCEL is blended with highly refined hydro treated base oil having strong inherited resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown while operating at elevated temperatures.

Superior base stock and premium additive system provide resistance to evaporation at high temperatures during the application. The oil has high viscosity index so that any appreciable change in viscosity does not affect heat transfer efficiency of the oil.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • High-temperature operation because of their excellent thermal stability and resistance to sludge formation
    • Suitable for heating systems in process industries, heat exchangers, and viscosity baths
    • Good rust protection and resist thermal cracking due to oxidation
    • Excellent oxidation stability ensures longer service life and minimizes operating costs
    • Equally suitable for oil-sealed, closed, open & indirect heat transfer systems at bulk oil temperature up to 300°C
    • Localized heating may be avoided to prevent the oil's thermal breakdown, leading to carbon formation

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