Fuel Prices

Latest Petroleum Oil Lubricants (POL) Prices. 

Retail Fuels

We supply high-quality fuels to auto, home, and business customers via more than 3,500 retail outlets nationwide. In addition, our refinery and distribution network positions us to serve 3 million retail customers daily.

Electric Vehicle Charger

In line with our environmental goals, we have deployed Electric Vehicle Chargers in various cities of Pakistan.

Industrial Fuels

In an industry where equipment reliability and efficiency are critical for success, PSO proudly meets the major industrial entities' oil and energy needs, including OGDC, NLC, Pakistan Steel Mills, and Engro Chemicals.

Aviation, Marine & Export

PSO has a leading edge in serving Pakistan’s Aviation, Marine & Export sectors with a commitment to offering high-quality fuel products. 

Gaseous Fuels

We are committed to meeting the country's growing Gaseous fuels needs through LPG and LNG businesses. Our gaseous fuels power industries, homes, and businesses while limiting CO2 emissions.


Introducing BLUE, the ultimate LPG GAS solution.

Alternate Fuels

Renewable and environment-friendly substitute for petro-diesel fuel.

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