PSO Rust Preventive Oil

PSO Rust Preventive Oil is blended with highly refined mineral base oils and a combination of soft & waxy additive with additional support of industrial bactericide for rust prevention on ferrous & non-ferrous metals. The oil provides a very thin layer on metal surfaces to protect from varying weather conditions.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • The soft and waxy nature of the oil gives a smooth permanent surface on metal surfaces to protect from rusting
    • Cost-effective & versatility
    • The oil is environment-friendly
    • It can be applied by dipping, brushing & spraying
    • Non-staining
    • Excellent rust inhibitor
    • Low odor
    • Provides reserved basicity to functional fluids and performs as an effective rust/corrosion inhibitor
    • PSO Rust Preventive Oil is especially effective in protecting bright, ground, and highly polished surfaces
    • The oil is effective for both gram-negative & gram-positive bacteria

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