Sugar Mill Oil Plus

PSO SUGAR MILL OIL PLUS is the blend of high quality high flash point paraffinic virgin base oil and superior quality bitumen. The oil is fortified with extreme pressure additives to provide maximum protection in Mill House Bearing and large open gear applications and improved resistance to the rust and corrosion and has water displacement property.

This oil provides excellent load carrying properties under boundary lubrication and available in three viscosity grades to meet the specific application requirements.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Wide range of viscosities for the appropriate application
    • The high viscosity Index gives thermal stability over wide temperature variations
    • Exhibits good inherent resistance against oxidation and oil degradation
    • Possesses good air release & water de-emulsification ability
    • Cost-effective and good quality oil provides long service life
    • Specially designed for lubrication of Mill House Bearing of Sugar Mill Industries where total loss lubrication system is deployed and requires viscous lubricants with high load carrying properties
    • Applicable to Open Gears where oil sticky consistency is required so that the oil is not thrown off by centrifugal force as the gear rotates

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