PSO holds the largest fuel storage capacity in the country, with 1,135 KMT storage facilities. Stretched from Karachi to Gilgit, we own 46% of the industry’s total fuel storage capacity.

As the nation’s own energy company, we are committed to meet its energy needs by continuously enhancing our storage infrastructure further.

In addition to the 09 installations and 19 depots located across the country, PSO has recently developed PMG and HSD storage tanks from Zulfiqarabad Oil Terminal (ZOT) to Juglot Depot, increasing PSO’s storage capacity by 91,294 MTs and 43,397 MTs respectively. Further development in the storage capacity increase plan is under progress, increasing the capacity by an additional 67,000 MTs and 24,000 MTs, respectively.

PSO ensures that the nation keeps availing of the seamless fuel supply at all times.

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