People, Process And Plants

HSE Management System

PSO Group is concerned with achieving and demonstrating sound occupational Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) performance by controlling its HSE risks, consistent with its HSE policy and objectives. 

We do it in the context of our commitment and vision toward implementing the best HSE standards and systems in our workplaces.

PSO HSE Management System applies to all Pakistan State Oil facilities and businesses under direct supervision and control of the organization.

Objectives of PSO HSE Management Standard:

  • Establish an HSE Management System to eliminate or minimize risks to personnel and other interested parties who could be exposed to HSE hazards associated with PSO activities.
  • Implement, maintain and continually improve HSE systems and procedures.
  • Assure conformity with PSO HSE policy.

People Initiatives

A detailed look inside PSO Group’s efforts (seminars, trainings, workshops) to improve and promote HSE standards for our workplace, employees, and the community. 

Process Initiatives

PSO's processes are thoroughly reviewed to mitigate HSE and operational risks ensuring safe and proper functioning. 

Plant Initiatives

Our HSE team has developed guidelines for identifying safety-critical equipment, monitoring indoor air quality, and conducting an environmental audit.

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