Convenience Stores (Shop Stop)

PSO Shop Stop brings convenience to your doorstep!

How to Order?

  • Find the nearest participating PSO Shop Stop from the Uber App / PSO website.
  • Tap the ‘Delivery’ option to request/find a rider.
  • Call PSO Sop Stop and confirm the availability of the product you want to order.
  • Convey your order to the deliverer through Uber app messaging. Then, if required, call the deliverer to confirm the order.
  • Open your Uber App, and type in the PSO Shop Stop as your Pickup location. This is where your deliveries need to be picked up. Type in your area. This is where you want your items delivered.
  • Pay for groceries and delivery at your doorstep. You can order for a maximum of Rs. 2,000. Keeping the order value within the limit is recommended to avoid inconvenience.

Happy Shopping!

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