Quality Control Laboratories ensure that each consignment of petroleum product received from refineries, imported via ocean tankers and Lubricant Manufacturing Plants meets the testing requirements against specified parameters of products.

PSO Laboratories Network:

PSO has zero tolerance policy for testing of products as per specified products standards. In order to ensure product testing before that’s enters to PSO storage and transportation network, every consignment is tested up-to-the-minute by advance methodical procedure and equipment by competent staff.

PSO holds five laboratories across Pakistan,

  • Central Laboratory, Kaemari Terminal A, Karachi
  • Lube Manufacturing Terminal, Karachi
  • Zulfiqarabad Oil Terminal, Karachi
  • Lalpir Oil Depot, Muzzafargarh
  • Machike Installation, Sheikhupura Lahore

Central Laboratory, Kaemari Terminal A, Karachi

  • Central laboratory is fully equipped with stat of the art analytical equipment to cater the testing needs of POL products, Chemicals & Customer samples

Lube Manufacturing Terminal, Karachi

  • LMT laboratory is dedicated to handle and test the Base oil, additives & Lubricants oil auxiliaries
  • LMT laboratory is also handling potable water testing for PSO facilities

Zulfiqarabad Oil Terminal, Karachi

  • ZOT laboratory is being enhanced and delivering its responsibilities for analyzing Furnace Oil & HSD

Laboratory at Lalpir Depot, Muzzafargarh

  • Lalpir lab is mid country laboratory and is providing its services for Testing of Furnace Oil ,PMG & HSD

Machike Installation, Sheikhupura Lahore

  • Machike Installation laboratory is providing assistance for testing of PMG & HSD