Retail Fuels is one of the core business segments of PSO, with its finest quality brands Octane+ Euro 5, Premier Euro 5 and Euro 5 Hi-Cetane Diesel . The Retail team at PSO works relentlessly to fulfill the needs of the automotive and agricultural sector of the country. With more than 3,500 retail outlets nationwide; PSO serves approximately 3 million retail customers on a daily basis. We have 26 Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) Retail Outlets across Pakistan which are state of the art facilities, run effectively by PSO’s retail team.

PSO’s retail department has 14 divisional offices nationwide. All divisional offices are linked to the head office through the modern enterprise resource planning software SAP. Retail Department continuously strives to provide you with unmatched service and care at PSO’s forecourts round the clock.

We strive to fulfill the requirements of our valued customers by providing superior quality, energy-efficient fuels that improve the vehicle’s performance and provide a great driving experience. Our fuel range is carefully designed and tested to help you save fuel at no extra cost and help clean your engine thereby improving engine efficiency. We ensure that only high quality fuel reaches your engine.

As our main focus is on utmost customer satisfaction, we believe that every customer should leave our forecourt with a ‘WOW’ feeling. We strive to understand our customers’ needs and relentlessly work towards fulfilling them by adding value in fuel and non-fuel areas. Our Shop Stops and other non-fuel retail services provide you with convenience and an array of products and services to choose from.

The retail business team ensures the maintenance of every safety standards at the retail outlets. Utmost importance is given to the quality and quantity of the products. We ensure that the right product in right quantity is delivered to our valued customers as desired by them.

Business Partnership with PSO

Being the largest Oil Marketing Company of Pakistan, PSO is committed to providing business opportunities to interested individuals/proprietors/companies/enterprises. Thanks to our high quality products, market leadership and vast retail network, a partnership with PSO can deliver significant growth to your business. We will help you maximize your margins and attract customers through various marketing initiatives, customer promotions and loyalty reward programs from time to time. Interested and financially sound parties who possess the ability to manage their business ethically and independently are encouraged to apply.