High Sulphur Furnace Oil (HSFO)

Effective From: February 16,2019
Locations Total Price Rs/M.Ton
Ex-Zot/KMR 79,841.97
Local PRL
Ex-ZOT 75,878.2700
Ex-Kemari 75,418.2000
Ex-Habibabad 82,101.8100
Local NRL
Ex-ZOT 75,877.1000
Ex-Kemari 75,417.0300
Ex-Habibabad 82,100.6400
Local Bosicor
Ex-Bosicor 75,417.0300
Local Parco
Ex-Lalpir/ Ex-Parco Refinery 78,711.7500

The Transportation Charges and GST @17% on transportation charges shall be charged from Customer additionally Ex-Supply Point.