PSO PowerMax series are developed on advance lubricant technology specifically to meet the requirement of robust medium speed diesel engines continuously working under full load condition in Power Generation units. PSO PowerMax series is available in different BN and viscosity grades to meet stringent demands of medium speed trunk piston diesel engines operating on high sulphur residual fuel. The series are designed with advance additive technology to provide balance of detergency and dispersancy to attain the long drain interval with maximum protection of engine components.


  • PSO PowerMax is suitable for the application requirement of medium speed trunk piston diesel engines operating on high sulphur residual fuels.


  • PSO PowerMax exceeds the performance requirement of API CF and is suitable for use in the most highly rated medium speed diesel engines. 
  • Effective detergency controls high temperature deposit formations and alkalinity reserve protects against soot and contaminants generate as by-products of internal combustion engines.
  • PSO PowerMax has excellent BN retention to combat with acid formation of high sulphur fuel thus increases oil drain interval with superior engine cleanliness and protection.
  • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance reduces sludge formation and enhances engine performance for longer period of time.

Performance Standards

SAE 30 & 40

Typical Key Properties:

PSO PowerMax 303 304 404 504
Kinematic Viscosity cSt 100°C,
(ASTM D-445)
10.9 14.7 14.4 14.2
Kinematic Viscosity cSt 40°C,
(ASTM D-445)
93 145 136 130
Viscosity Index
(ASTM D-2270)
103 101 104 108
Flash Point, PMCC,
°C ASTM D-92
232 234 238 234
Total Base Number,
mg KOH/g, (ASTM D-2896)
30 30 40 50

These typical results are of existing production, the future production will conform to PSO blending specifications hence any variation in these results will not affect the product performance.