Upon buying selected PSO lubricants, one can avail exciting prizes through lucky draw.

No of Lucky draw coupons to be given to customers on purchase of selected Lubricants is given below

Brand & Varient SKU in ltrs No. of Coupons
Carrient Fully Synthetic & Ultra 4 8
Carrient Ultra 3 6
Carrient Plus, DEO 8000, DEO 6000, DEO 3000 4 4
Carrient Plus 3 3
Blaze 4t 1 & 0.7 1

Redemption Procedure:

Step 1: Scratch the 16 digit secure code on the back of the pack
Step 2: Type 16 digit code in SMS and send to 5454 to get confirmation of genuine product.
Step 3: Ask your pump attendant to give you coupons as your purchased product.
Step 4: Fill all the copies of each coupon and retain your customer copies to remain eligible in case of being successful in lucky draw.
Step 5: Fold your Lucky draw coupons (Drop Box Copies) separately and deposit it in the Drop Box available at the same outlet from where you have purchased the product.

Terms & conditions:

  1. Scheme is valid at selected PSO outlets. See the list for your nearest outlet.
  2. Scheme is valid for a limited period of time.
  3. Scheme not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  4. Gift items mentioned in promotional material are best illustrations of actual items.
  5. Scheme gift items are not redeemable for cash and may not be replaced with any other item.
  6. Scheme gift items may carry warranty of respective manufacturers and in case of any malfunction or non-function of any item, the winning customer may contact the manufacturer’s warranty claim center and PSO shall not be responsible for any risk, cost or loss incurred in this regards.
  7. PSO shall not be responsible for any loss or cost incurred due to incorrect use of the gift items won in the lucky draw.
  8. PSO reserves the right to reject any coupon or abolish the campaign without assigning any reason, whatsoever, and the decision of the company may not be challenged in court of law.
  9. PSO will not be responsible if correct procedure is not followed in filling and dropping of coupon in Drop Box.
  10. Queries and complaints can be addressed at Ta’aluq by calling at 0800 03000.

Participating Outlets