We are in the LPG business since 1981 and the past 39 years have seen the company evolve itself as an important player in the LPG domain. We supply LPG products in all corners of the country through a web of distributors with the brand name “Pak Gas”. We maintained LPG market share of 3.15% in FY-20.

In order to supply fuel efficiently to the populace, we have four LPG Storage and Bottling Plants, one each in Karachi, Lahore, Dhurnal, and Akora Khattak, with a combined storage capacity of 930 MTs and a bottling capacity of around 200 MTs per day.

We have also successfully achieved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for Receipt, Storage, Filling, and Marketing of LPG at all PSO LPG Plants across Pakistan.

We pioneered an innovative concept among OMCs and established its first LPG Auto Gas Station at retail outlet Anwar Filling Station, Lahore on December 05, 2011, until now we have commissioned 7 Auto Gas Station across the country for safe LPG fueling. We market LPG product at its LPG Auto Gas Stations with the brand name “Smart Gas”.

Characteristics of LPG

  • A mixture of Propane & Butane
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • Heavier than air
  • Ignition temperature of LPG is 450 0C

Benefits of LPG

  • Re-fuelling time in the vehicle is similar to petrol.
  • Vehicle conversion is significantly economical than CNG.
  • 20 kg LPG gives around 350 to 400 km run.

Why use LPG?

The unavailability of CNG and continuous increase in petrol & diesel prices invoke the need for cheaper alternative fuel. 

PSO LPG Brand Name

  • For Distributors and Industrial Customers: Pak Gas
  • For PSO LPG Autogas Stations: Smart Gas

Prices of LPG

LPG is a regulated product. Whereby OGRA notifies the monthly LPG maximum consumer price.

LPG Plants


Name: Rizwan-Ul-Haque
The LPG Plant Incharge (Pak Gas)
Pakistan State Oil Company Limited
Plot # 7D & 7E, Sector # 7A
Korangi Industrial Area,
Near NRL, Korangi, Karachi
Tel: 111-111-776 Ext: 2179, 2180
Cell #: 0300-2280188
Email address: [email protected]


Name: Muhammad Badar Sheikh
The LPG Plant Incharge (Pak Gas)
Pakistan State Oil Company Limited
10/2, Miles Sheikhupura Road,
Kot Abdul Malik, Lahore
Tel: 0423-7970350 & 042-7970185
Cell: 0324-4560934
Email address: [email protected]

Akora Khattak

Name: Muhammad Tariq
The LPG Plant Incharge (Pak Gas)
Pakistan State Oil Company Limited
Near Railway Station,
Essori Payan,
Akora Khattak
District: Nowshera
Tel: 0923-561671
Cell: 0300-9177686
Email address: [email protected]


Name: Bashir Ahmed
The LPG Plant Incharge (Pak Gas)
Pakistan State Oil Company Limited.
Tehsil Fateh Jang, Khour Pindi Gheb Road
District : Attock
Cell: 0300-5713178 & 0315-5713178
Email address: [email protected]