PSO strives to provide its valued customers with unsurpassed solutions that have always resulted in an extraordinary fueling experience. PSO is pleased to offer another fine product – DIGICASH for its valued customers.


DIGICASH is a chip based fuel card that will enable customer to efficiently manage their fuel expense and budget. In addition to its novel features, DIGICASH has all the attributes of a modern prepaid card that allows customers the freedom to load any amount and spend it as per their convenience. There is no expiry of the loaded amount.

DIGICASH has no hidden charges. At ‘top up’ customers receive the full balance equivalent to the amount loaded in the card.

Features & Benefits

DIGICASH comes with following valuable features & benefits:

Experience enhanced security

  • Secured transactions via EMV compliant, chip card
  • Optional PIN feature
  • Reduces the risk of cash handling

Complete control in your hands

  • Fuelink Mobile App for Fuel management.
  • Freedom to apply product wise configuration
  • Limit your card to daily and monthly usage
  • Customizations such as allow your card transactions to all PSO participating outlets or restrict on geographical locations as per your need.
  • Notification alerts on Fuelink mobile App on:
    Sales and loyalty transactions
    Top-up made on your card
    Change in card status
  • Deals and discounts etc

Rewards your loyalty through DIGICASH!

  • Earn loyalty points on Fuel and lubricants
  • Deals and discount on several merchants

Unmatched convenience!

  • No security deposit required
  • Multiple reload options to choose as per your convenience
  • Instant issuance without any hassle of time consuming paper work

Loyalty Points

PSO rewards customer loyalty. With DIGICASH, earn loyalty points on every transaction at PSO Retail Outlets. These accumulated loyalty points may be redeemed to enjoy free fuel or lubricants at PSO Retails outlets. Earn loyalty points according to the following grid.

ProductSpend (in Rs.) PointsPoints
Altron 100 1
Altron X 100 2
CNG 100 1
Action Plus 100 1
Lubricants 100 10
  • 1 Loyalty Point = Rs 0.5
  • These are indicative points and are subject to change.

Get your DIGICASH instantly:

You can Purchase DIGICASH through:

1) Participating PSO Retail Outlets
Visit the nearest participating PSO retail outlet and get the DIGICASH by just providing your Mobile Phone number

List of Participating PSO Retail Outlets

2) Fuelink app
Download the Fuelink App on your mobile phone and apply for the DIGICASH. A personalized card with your name shall be delivered to your provided mailing address.


To enrich your fueling experience through DIGICASH, PSO offers you free of cost and exceptionally convenient Fuelink app on your mobile device. This app empowers you to manage your card related activities round the clock form anywhere.

How to get Fuelink App?

Features & Benefits

1. Station Finder
2. Real time Balance Inquiry
3. In App Top-up option powered by UBL
4. Nationwide Deals & Discounts on over 500 Brands.
5. Access to Various Reports and Analytics
6. Apply Customization on your DIGICASH (Geographical restrictions, Product, Daily and Monthly Limits)
7. Generate/Change PIN Change as per convenience
8. Launch and track complaints
9. Vehicle management to:
a. Track your car mileage
b. Get alerts on maintenance due
c. Recommend suitable PSO Lubricant product for your car
10. Apply for Supplementary card

Top-up options:

Keeping in view your convenience, multiple top-up options are being offered by PSO. You can choose any of the following options as per your ease:

  • 1. PSO Retail Outlet
    You can Top-up your DIGICASH by visiting your nearest Participating PSO Retail Outlet. Just deposit the cash with the dealer and get your DIGICASH recharged. The process is as follow:
    • Visit Card enabled PSO Retail Outlets
    • For Top-up Dealer will ask for one of these: (a) Card # (b) CNIC # (C) Mobile # (d) Account #
    • Upon your confirmation, dealer will enter the reload amount.
    • Re-Confirms the amount
    • Amount is loaded on your DIGICASH

2. In App Payment powered by UBL

The Fuelink App offers a feature of In App payment solution that is powered by UBL. This uses a secured Internet Payment Gateway that will allow you to top-up DIGICASH through your bank. The process is as follow:

  • i. Open your Fuelink App and select ‘My DIGICASH’
  • ii. Select “Add Payment Method”
  • iii. Add your bank card
  • iv. Select “Topup Online”
  • v. Enter the amount
  • vi. Click on Submit
  • vii. Amount is loaded on your DIGICASH

3. Deposit at UBL Branches

You can reload your DIGICASH by depositing the payment instrument at your nearest UBL branch. The process is as follows:

  • Fill in the deposit slip with requisite information
  • Submit the payment instrument along with deposit slip at counter

Top-up will be made on your DIGICASH once the amount is cleared in PSO’s account.

4. Easypaisa

You can also reload your DIGICASH account via easypaisa.

Go to Fuelink -> My DIGICASH -> Add payment method -> Add Mobile Account

  • Please enter your Mobile Account Number.
  • Wait for OTP to be received
  • Enter the OTP in the text box.
  • After entering OTP, open your Easypaisa App -> My Account -> My Approvals -> Pending & approve payment
  • Once the account is confirmed, open Fuelink -> My DIGICASH -> Topup -> Easypaisa & enter the Topup amount.

Note: Please enter/ provide the correct information at the time of Top-up. Once the Top-up is processed, the amount is non-refundable and non-transferable.


1. What is DIGICASH Card?

DIGICASH is a reloadable Fuel Card that allows you to perform fuel transactions at PSO retail outlets. The limit on the card will only be made available once any amount is loaded onto it which can be used as per usage.

2. How do I activate my DIGICASH Card?

DIGICASH can be activated either through your Fuelink App or by calling us at 021-111-278-729 or PSO Ta’aluq Care Line 0800-03000.

3. How do I use DIGICASH?

Present your DIGICASH Card at PSO Retail Outlet where the attendant will dip the card in the Point-Of-Sale Terminal as per the transaction and the fuel amount will automatically be deducted from available balance on the card.

4. How can I reload my DIGICASH card?

There are multiple options available to reload the card.
i) PSO Retail Outlets
ii) In App Payment
iii) Deposit Payment Instrument at PSO designated banks
iv) Easypaisa

5. What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can load on the card?

There is no minimum load amount. You can load amount of your choice. However, maximum that you can load in one transaction is Rs. 50,000

6. Is there an expiry to amount loaded on DIGICASH card?

There is no expiry of amount loaded onto your DIGICASH card. Amount on the Card will be available until fully utilized.

7. How can I inquire about my card balance?

You can check your balance from Fuelink App or call us at 021-111-278-729 or PSO Ta’aluq Care Line 0800-03000 round the clock.

8. Can I get a Supplementary Card?

Yes, up to five supplementary cards can be issued against one primary DIGICASH card.

9. What if my DIGICASH card is lost/stolen or damaged?

In the event of card being lost, stolen or damaged, immediately block the card through your FUELINK App or you can also call at PSO Ta’aluq Care Line 0800-03000 or 111-278-729 to block the card.

10. How can I download Fuelink App?

You can download Fuelink App from Andriod Play store/IOS App strore.
APP STORE: https://www.apple.com/us/search/fuelink?src=globalnav
PLAY STORE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.altpay.fuelink.consumerapp

11. How can I activate my Fuelink App?

Once you have downloaded the Fuelink App, fill in the requisite details. One Time Pass code shall be sent to your registered mobile number. This Pass code will be automatically entered into the app and then your app will be activated.

12. What if my mobile is lost but DIGICASH Card is still in my possession?

In case your mobile is lost, please call at PSO Ta’aluq Care Line 0800-03000 or 24/7 customer help line (021)-111-258-729 and ask the representative to block your Fuelink app.

13. Will I be able to use Fuelink App in case my DIGICASH Card is Lost/stolen or damaged?

Yes, you will still be able to use your Fuelink App in case the card is not in your possession. In such situations, when you receive a replacement card against your previous lost/damaged card, activate again on Fuelink app with your new card number.

14. What should I do if I have forgotten my security PIN?

You can instantly generate the PIN through 'PIN Generation' option in the Fuelink App.

15. How do I activate or use the deals and discounts of FUELINK App?

Upon activation of Fuelink App, you will gain access to all the features of Fuelink app including deals and discounts. There is no requirement of deals and discounts activation.

16. What is the validity of the card?

Your car has a validity of 5 years. A renewal card will be sent to you free of cost before the date of your expiry.

17. How can I apply for a replacement card?

You can apply for a replacement card through your Fuelink app. You can also get a replacement card issued by visiting any PSO Retail outlet.

18. How can I redeem my loyalty points?

You can redeem your accumulated loyalty points on Fuel products and lubricants at PSO retail outlets. The pump attendant will dip your card in a POS terminal and you have to enter your Loyalty PIN code in order to make the redemption transaction successful.

19. What if I don’t find an answer to my question?

If you have any unanswered questions please write to us at customer.services@psopk.com or call us at PSO Ta’aluq Care Line 0800-03000 or 24/7 customer help line (021)-111-258-729.