DIGICASH – Your Journey Just Got Easier

We mean it when we say, we provide our customers with unmatched solutions. For the first time in Pakistan, PSO has launched fuel cards for the everyday consumer. Our chip based – EMV compliant fuel card will enable you to efficiently manage your fuel and save big!

DIGICASH is powered by the Fuelink which comes with a host of features that ensure DIGICASH is all you need for a complete vehicle management solution.

So load, pay and go!

Features and benefits:

- Get rewarded every time you fuel up:
Our loyalty program allows DIGICASH users to earn certain points on every transaction made on purchase of fuel and lubricants (Insert loyalty grid) Users also benefit from on-going deals and discounts at selected merchants.

- Unmatched Convenience:
Our ultimate goal is ease of access for you. You don’t have to worry about carrying cash around at all times.

  • Multiple modes of Top up
  • Send/Receive funds from friends and family
  • In app navigator to help you locate your nearest outlet
  • Consumption analysis on your finger tips
  • Get reminded every time an oil change is due
  • Supplementary cards for your dependents

- Get in Control:
DIGICASH allows you complete control over your fuel consumption in just a few clicks.

  • Customize usage as per your preference (ability to restrict amount, volume, days, location etc.)
  • Sales/ Top up alerts

- Safe and secure:

  • Secure transactions via EMV compliant chip
  • Optional PIN feature for added security
  • Reduced risk of cash handling


PSO strives to provide its valued customers with unsurpassed solutions that have always resulted in an extraordinary fueling experience. PSO is pleased to offer another fine product – DIGICASH for its valued customers.


DIGICASH is a chip based fuel card that will enable customer to efficiently manage their fuel expense and budget. In addition to its novel features, DIGICASH has all the attributes of a modern prepaid card that allows customers the freedom to load any amount and spend it as per their convenience. There is no expiry of the loaded amount.

DIGICASH has no hidden charges. At ‘top up’ customers receive the full balance equivalent to the amount loaded in the card.