• PSO is staunchly carrying out promotional activities by giving presentations, submitting research reports and corresponding with Federal & Provincial Ministers, Arm Forces and Senior Official of Federal and Provincial Ministries, AEDB, PARC, FSC&R, SMEDA. PSO actively participates in seminars arranged for promotion, research and development work on Jatropha in Pakistan.
  • PSO biodiesel initiative was selected as a case study and presented in Corporate Summit on Climate Change organized by Lead Pakistan
  • AEDB recognized PSOs’ efforts and selected PSO as a focal member of Biodiesel Advisory Committee, which is working on the road map of National Biodiesel Program
  • PSO & Ministry of Agricultural, Baluchistan formed a joint team to suggest way forward to GoB for introducing Biodiesel in Baluchistan Province.
  • a. Joint team identified a piece of land for the initiation of pilot project in district Lasbella, Baluchistan.
  • PSO biodiesel initiative was presented in different seminars and got public and professional appreciation



Alternative Energy-Biodiesel

Jatropha Cultivation in Pakistan (Media Glimpses):

Link: Video 1

Link: Video 2

PSO’s representation at 5th International Conference on Alternate Energy & Power - ICAEP

PSO’s Representation at University of Agriculture Faisalabad

PSO’s Representation at Agricultural Reform Movement

PSO’s Representation at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industries