Biodiesel is a renewable, environment friendly substitute for petro-diesel fuel. It is derived from Jatropha Curcas plant which is a hardy, wild oilseed perennial plant. Conditions for cultivation of this plant are favorable in Pakistan, and the biodiesel derived can reap benefits in the form of economic, environmental, mechanical and national security.

PSO’s focus is on using this plant as feedstock and utilizing country’s ample marginal land for cultivation. This initiative would create employment opportunities and contribute towards the development of the nation. Being a focal member of AEDB Biodiesel Advisory Committee which is working on the roadmap of National Biodiesel Program, PSO believes that biofuels will make a major contribution to road transportation and power generation fuels. This will also lead to reduction in carbon emissions in the years to come. Read more on biodiesel

PSO’s Propagation

Based on PSO’s responsive propagation of Jatropha Cultivation in Pakistan, more than 3000 acres of marginal/barren land has been cultivated with Jatropha throughout Pakistan. The pictures are from different Jatropha Farms in Pakistan. They include Jatropha plantation at PMY (Karachi), Shujaat Farm (Matiari), Wayaro Farm (Balochistan), Al-Wardah Farm (Nooriabad), Tando Adam and others.