Human Resource, Our Strength

KARACHI: Respect for the individual is the cornerstone of our organizational culture which has made Pakistan State Oil an ideal institution for other corporate entities to emulate.

This was observed by Jalees Ahmed Siddiqi, Managing Director & CEO while addressing the communication meeting on February 23, 2007 at PSO House.

Appreciating human resource, he said that they are the strength of the company, as we need leaders/ decision makers. The GMs, DGMs and managers are required to lead from the front and develop decision-making qualities. He emphasized on punctuality and said SAP is now regulating the entire office routines and activities nation-wide.

He pointed out, “We practice zero tolerance with respect to ethics. PSO is a partner in the global struggle against corruption.”
KARACHI: Mr Jalees Ahmed Siddiqi, Managing Director & CEO, Pakistan State Oil, addressed a Communication Meeting with employees on February 23, 2007, at PSO House. The interactive meeting was simultaneously relayed through video-conferencing to four other PSO locations including Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Multan. On February 22, 2007, PSO announced its six-month FY07 results with 1st interim cash dividend of Rs. 6/- per share translating into a cash payout of Rs. 1,029 million to its shareholders.

Referring to the BOM meeting, on February 22, 2007, he said that results shows, PSO market share has risen from 67%, indication of company’s growth The main challenge is international oil price changes, which are unpredictable.

“Our responsibility is to avoid dry-out situation, to ensure supply lead time, maintain stock and fulfill orders ontime. We need to maintain cost and expense”.

He appreciated Executive Director-Customer Services and his team for the results. He said that the Cards business is a lead and edge over other OMCs.