PSO celebrates 30th anniversary

PSO celebrates 30th anniversary

KARACHI: Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the largest oil marketing company of the country, on Friday began the celebration of 30 years of its existence with week-long festivities across its nationwide network.

A special communication meeting was addressed by Managing Director and CEO Jalees Ahmed Siddiqi at PSO House, the company head office, to mark the activities, which include banner displays and illumination of offices, installations and company-owned, company-operated retail outlets.

Acknowledging the efforts of past and present employees, the Managing Director said the 30-year passage had not been easy. “It has had its rewarding highs as well as discouraging lows, but on the whole it has proved that the men and women who have constituted PSO are a tough breed braving the odds and emerging victorious.”

He said: “We thank all those faces that have faded away into oblivion as well as the names that linger on in our memories, from unskilled workers in depots to our erstwhile managing directors, like late Mr. Shaukat Raza Mirza who lost his life while leading the company towards turnaround. Everybody has chipped in to help us attain the position at which we are today.”

The Managing Director then distributed certificates among employees who have completed their 30-year association with the company.

The company was set up on December 30, 1976 through a reorganization plan implemented by the Government of Pakistan merging Pakistan National Oils (PNO), Premier Oil Company and State Oil Company (SOCL).

Today, PSO is a Rs 370 billion progressive dynamic company, the largest in Pakistan and one of the topmost in Asia. Building upon its solid foundation, the company is uniquely positioned to grow in the future.

Jalees Ahmed Siddiqi, Managing Director and CEO, addressing a gathering at PSO House
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