PSO launches 'E10 Gasoline' in Lahore

PSO launches ‘E10 Gasoline’ in Lahore

LAHORE: Pakistan State Oil on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 extended the alternate fuel ‘E10 Gasoline’ pilot project to Lahore with the dedication of a terminal at its Service Station No. 22, Block A, Model Town.

The project was inaugurated by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz at Islamabad on August 16, 2006. Later, Mr. Jalees Ahmed Siddiqi, Managing Director & CEO, PSO, had launched the project at Karachi on August 29, 2006.

The Lahore pilot project, like in Karachi and Islamabad, will be conducted for six months, with 25 pre-identified vehicles using Ethanol-blended Gasoline in each city. The monitoring of these vehicles will be carried out by the Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP).

The new fuel – ten percent ethanol blended with motor gasoline – is being introduced experimentally as part of government’s strategy to promote alternate energy resources.

At its launching in Islamabad, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had described the pilot project as a landmark for energy security of the country, cleaner environment and welfare of the people. He had added with the introduction of E-10 gasoline, Pakistan has joined those few nations who sell blended fuel.

Ethanol, a byproduct of molasses through distillation, would not only be comparatively cheaper but also enhance performance of the engine through lead removal. It would also benefit the farmer, who would feel attracted to grow more sugarcane and get adequate compensation.

The project was approved by the Prime Minister on July 27, 2006 and he had asked Pakistan State Oil to launch it with technical collaboration of HDIP

The other countries where ethanol is already being used as fuel are Brazil, Thailand, the USA and India, while Zambia has also recently announced its plans to go for ethanol-blended gasoline.