Amjad Parvez Janjua takes charge as Managing Director - PSO

Date: July 30, 2013
Amjad Parvez Janjua takes charge as Managing Director - PSO

Having taken charge as the new Managing Director (MD) of Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the nation's leading energy company, Mr. Amjad Parvez Janjua held a communication meeting with Company employees at the PSO Head Office.

Having served as MD-Asia Petroleum Limited (APL), Executive Director and Senior General Manager at PSO, Mr. Janjua spoke candidly to the employees and emphasized the fact that the Company had to “get back to the basics”, focus on its core strengths as an Oil Marketing Company (OMC) and build on its core competencies to undertake business diversification and growth initiatives.

At the onset of the meeting, the MD highlighted PSO's strengths which include being the nation's leading public sector company having a well established infrastructure, a wide-spread retail network and a dominant position in a majority of the product markets. Outlining the competitive landscape, he added that PSO cannot afford to be complacent and has to respond effectively to present and future business challenges based on professionally trained, high quality and motivated workforce. During the briefing the MD stated that PSO's competitive advantage lies in the provision of high quality products and services to its customers based on innovation, creativity, continuous improvement, teamwork, low cost operations and assured access to long-term and cost effective supply sources.

The MD also emphasized the need for legal and regulatory compliance, enhancing corporate image, team work and commitment to the Company's vision, mission and values. The MD presented a loud and clear message that management will exercise policy of zero tolerance against corruption and violation of company values and code of conduct. Underscoring the need for cost efficiency the MD advised managers to devise and implement the spending review and rationalization plans for their respective departments along with related monitoring mechanism. He further stated that responsibility comes with accountability hence departmental heads have to ensure system of checks and balances in their respective functions.

With respect to the employees, the MD said that each and every staff member needs to play their due role for the future progress of the Company. For this purpose, each employee needs to work harder and take responsibility for their actions.

The employees welcomed Mr. Janjua on his new assignment and pledged their support for the success of the Company.