PSO collaborates with Road Traffic Injury Research & Prevention Center to ensure motorcyclists safety!

Date: April 03, 2012


PSO collaborates with Road Traffic Injury Research & Prevention Center  to ensure motorcyclists safety!

 Pakistan State Oil in its role as a  responsible corporate citizen has pledged to collaborate with the Road Traffic Injury Research & Prevention Center (RTIR&PC) to increase awareness regarding road safety practices among motorists and ensure that the masses at large stay safe while commuting.

Being a national company PSO's focus is not just business but also on how to provide for the safety of road users especially motorcyclists. In furtherance of this, PSO has decided to collaborate with the  RTIR&PC- a GoP institute aimed at reducing road accidents and fatalities.  At a recent meeting with officials from the RTIR&PC including Dr. Rashid Jooma (Principal Investigator), Mr. Asad Jahangir (Consultant) and Mr. Syed Ameer Hussain (Programme Manager), PSO Chairman Mr. Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui pledged PSO's support to the institute in carrying out a helmet safety awareness campaign. In the recent past, PSO had supported the same organization in its endeavor for road safety by displaying public service messages at its retail outlets.

During the session, the officials from  RTIR&PC shared some statistics on road accidents of motorcyclists and helmet usage in Pakistan. Interestingly it was noted that while motorcyclists comprised nearly 60% of all road users, however, unfortunately less than 40% of them wore helmets while on the road. It was also noted that the majority of head trauma and fatality cases in accidents could have been avoided had helmets been worn by the motorcyclists. For us at PSO, human life is of the greatest importance and keeping in view our reach across the country the company has chosen to make a difference and play a vital role in disseminating safety awareness messages amongst our customers.  

After the presentation by   RTIR&PC, the officials from both ends shared ideas on injury prevention and awareness building initiatives amongst road users.  Some of the ideas included airing of  public service messages, provision of helmets at subsidized rates at PSO retail outlets and safety training programs to inculcate awareness especially in educational institutions so that safety behavior could be promulgated at a younger age.  

Being the largest energy company of Pakistan, PSO is aware of its responsibility and commitment towards the nation.By helping to support RTIR&PC and the GoP in this initiative, the company vows to promote the national interest at all levels.