MD-PSO Unveils the future for PSO

Date: February 22, 2012
MD-PSO Unveils the future for PSO

Having recently taken over the reins at Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the nation’s leading oil marketing company, the new MD & CEO, Mr. Naeem Yahya Mir unveiled his vision for the state owned company in a meeting with the senior management.

During this briefing, the MD & CEO, PSO resolved to face all challenges and take the company to new heights in the coming years. He apprised the senior cadre of his plans to make PSO the best company in Pakistan within the next two years. He also outlined his dream to make PSO a regional player in the next 4 years and one of the Fortune 500 companies in not more than six years.

Mr. Yahya Mir’s future plan entail exploring new markets, increasing POL sales using innovative ways, enhancement of retail network, expansion of the lubricant product range, improved product movement mechanism over the coming years. As per his dream vision for the state owned OMC, enhanced focus shall be on operational streamlining, cost reductions, minimizing product losses, focus on cash sales, improved quality and quantity testing and . He also exhibited keen interest in joint ventures.

Mir emphasized on teamwork to accomplish the outlined vision. He presented his ideas to improve the employee appraisal system which will now focus on team results rather than individual performance. He also stressed upon the need for technical skill development and on-job training for the company’s human capital.

While PSO’s key objectives will remain enhanced cash flows and increased profitability, the company will also ensure that it contributes substantially for the upliftment of the local community. This will be done through initiation of various structured CSR programs where employees shall be engaged in welfare work.

He urged the employees to perform their duties efficiently and effectively so that their collective efforts may lead towards the progress of the company and country. The new MD & CEO concluded the session by vowing to continue driving the nation’s economy and meeting the energy needs of the country in a responsible and timely manner.