PSO continues furnace oil supplies to the power sector.

Date: February 21, 2012
PSO continues furnace oil supplies to the power sector.

Despite financial constraints, Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the leading energy company of the nation, continues to fulfill the energy needs of the country in a responsible manner.

As of date, PSO is supplying approximately 16,000 MTs of furnace oil per day to its credit customers’ i.e WAPDA/ GENCOs, HUBCO and KAPCO. Furthermore, PSO is supplying an estimated 3,000 MTs of fuel oil on a daily basis to its cash customers i.e. the IPPs. The supplies to cash customers/ IPPs may vary as per the orders placed and payments received. Keeping in view the national interest, PSO has continued this fuel supply even while the company labors under a debt of Rs. 195 Billion, out of which Rs. 170 Billion is owed by the power sector alone.

In addition to the normal supplies to power sector, the company maintains adequate fuel oil reserves which are sufficient to meet the energy needs of the country for a period of 25 days. PSO has also prudently chalked out oil import plans for the upcoming months in order to ensure that no product shortage occurs at any point in time.

Pakistan State Oil, as a responsible corporate citizen is cognizant of its responsibilities and continues to meet the energy demands of the nation in a timely manner.escription Here