Naeem Yahya Mir Takes Charge at PSO

Date: January 23, 2012

 Mr. Naeem Yahya Mir has assumed the charge of Managing Director, Pakistan State Oil.

A commercial marketing and refining expert Mr. Naeem Yahya has over 21 years of experience in leading national and multi-national oil companies with an emphasis in downstream operations including marketing, distribution, refining and shipping. Most recently he held the post of Technical Advisor-International Marketing at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

Combining in-depth technical knowledge and an extensive experience of marketing POL products including motor gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, LPG and jet fuel, Mr. Naeem has developed expertise in multiple disciplines including sales and marketing, supply chain management, quality control, product development, refinery upgrades and workforce development. A multi-cultural leader with a strong track record of driving revenue growth and profitability, he has successfully negotiated multiple global contracts with decision makers in more than 20 countries across the Middle East, Far East and Europe.