PSO Launches Vehicle Identification System (VIS)

Date: November 30, 2008
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Karachi November 30, 2008: Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has launched Vehicle Identification system (VIS) in an impressive ceremony held at a local hotel in Karachi.

The Vehicle Identification System is the state of the art system that provides full automation by identifying and recognizing the vehicle in which the fuel needs to be dispensed. Vehicle is recognized before delivery of the product by using a special device.

According to details revealed during the launch ceremony, a smart tag is installed in the fuel tank of the vehicle, while the sensor or the reader is placed in the nozzle of the dispensing unit. As soon as the nozzle is placed in the fuel tank of the vehicle it senses and recognizes the vehicle and allows the dispensing unit to start the filling operation. If the match is not found, the dispenser will decline the fueling in that vehicle at the very outset. Also, if the nozzle is taken away from the vehicle during delivery, pump is stopped by the system automatically, preventing any possibility of misuse.

Speaking on the occasion Kalim A Siddiqui, MD PSO said, “The primary benefit of introducing VIS is to control fuel expenses and ensure a reliable, secure system where customers can use the Fleet & Corporate Card facility without having to worry about the authentication procedure. This will reduce the inconvenience of re-checking the fuel transactions and save substantial time for the organization and give the assurance to Fleet Managers that the required operations are under control”.

“In order to keep up with the changing consumer needs, we continue to embark upon new ventures and improve our product in order to provide customers with maximum benefits and convenience”. MD PSO added.

Pakistan State Oil, the biggest oil marketing company in Pakistan with a network of more than 3500 retail outlets and overall market share of over 71% is recognized as one of the leaders in introducing innovative and advanced products for its customer’s convenience. The launch of Vehicle Identification System (VIS) is one more addition to “a series of firsts” through which company has been able to maintain market leadership position in a highly competitive industry.