PSO launches high performance CNG Oil

Monday, March 06, 2006 : KARACHI: Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the market leader in oil industry, is launching yet another innovative product: a new CNG oil –PSO CNG PLUS – that can withstand very high temperature found in CNG engine's combustion chamber.

Equally suited to both CNG and gasoline engines, the oil will ensure excellent engine performance under all climatic conditions.

PSO CNG PLUS is a multi-grade advanced version of environment-friendly CNG engine oil series. Developed with selected additives component technology and high quality paraffinic base stocks, PSO CNG PLUS provides appropriate lubrication to the valve seat and protects against valve recession, as CNG is a dry fuel.

Moreover, PSO CNG PLUS provides extra protection, oxidation stability and long service life of engine parts against high temperature. It also enhances engine life, increases oil drain interval and reduces sludge formation because of special antioxidant additive.

Another feature of PSO CNG PLUS is improved protection against piston and ring groove deposit control, oil consumption control and wear.