Carient CNG Plus

PSO CARIENT CNG PLUS is a multi-grade advanced version of CNG engine oil.

It is formulated to combat with high temperature caused by dry combustion in CNG fuel operated engines and ensures excellent engine performance under all climatic conditions.

CNG Oil provides optimum protection to engine against oxidation and gives improved drain interval.

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

    • Superior protection of engine parts against high temperature in CNG vehicles
    • Special antioxidant additive reduces sludge formation & increases oil drain interval
    • Equally suited for both CNG and gasoline engines
    • Improved protection against piston and ring groove deposit to control oil consumption and wear
    • Provides extra protection against valve wear
    • The superior additive package used in the formulation of PSO CARIENT CNG PLUS endorses the following performance standards:
    • API
    • SG/CD
    • Developed for naturally aspirated or turbocharged vehicles operating under moderate to severe working and load conditions

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