Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the core values of PSO. Stay tuned to our channels to know how PSO CSR Trust, through its donations, has been contributing in sustainable social development of society in education, healthcare, community building and environment areas. #PSOGiving #EveryJourneyBeginsHere Fatimid Foundation The Kaghan Memorial Trust The Hunar Foundation Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation - Official LUMS Indus Resource Centre (IRC) Bait-ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital NUST ICAP The Kidney Centre Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for Blind Dar ul Sukun Family Educational Services Foundation Aman Foundation Aman Institute For Vocational Training

PSO is supporting the AMTF in their mission for a thalassemia free Pakistan. PSO support is helping needy patients to have access to quality care at AMTF facilities.

PSO has been a supporter of the Kaghan Memorial Trust School since 2007, and over the years has consistently contributed to its mission of delivering quality education to children of the serene Kaghan Valley, once devastated by the terrible 2005 earthquake. Recently PSO invested in the construction of a Middle School for Boys in partnership with the Kaghan Memorial Trust. The new building will benefit future generations from this area to attain quality education in the state-of-the-art facilities.

PSO is committed to improve lives of under developed communities. Believing in our youth, the future of Pakistan, PSO CSR Trust has been actively helping them to achieve their potential. One of our Trust’s programs with the Aman Tech is changing and improving lives of young students with quality technical skills.

PSO and The Hunar Foundation have joined hands to build a Hunarmand Pakistan. The initiative will enable youth to take up industry related skill-based training that will help them in securing a better lifestyle. PSO has supported with a sizeable donations for a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Workshop at the THF's technical training institute

PSO in its efforts to improve health care coverage across Pakistan, has provided assistance to Fatimid Foundation for the purchase of medical equipment and a state-of-the-art mobile blood collection unit to help deserving Thalassemia Patients. At PSO we believe that it is our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

PSO CSR Trust has proudly partnered with LUMS in their efforts towards social development of Pakistan by providing quality education. The Trust proudly supports bright scholars of LUMS selected under their #NationalOutreachProgram. PSO believes that dream of a prosperous Pakistan can be achieved through consistent support to quality education at all levels of the society.

The PSO CSR Trust supports the Indus Resource Centre in their mission to educate children from marginalized communities from the Rural Sindh. Financial assistance from PSO is directly facilitating the IRC Sojhro Faiz High School in Khairpur, Sindh. The PSO CSR Trust is empowering youth of Pakistan through education to help them transform their lives.

Pakistan unfortunately has the highest rate of breast cancer than any other Asian country. Statistics suggests that 1 out of every 9 Pakistani women is likely to suffer from this disease. As a responsible corporate citizen, PSO through its CSR Trust has been supporting the Bait-ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital in their cause to provide free of cost medical treatment to the needy patients.

As part of its humble efforts to release some burden off the healthcare system, PSO has been actively supporting various organizations who provide quality care at no or minimal cost to needy patients. The PSO CSR Trust has stepped forward in this regard to support The Kidney Centre with required funding for the purchase of dialysis machines.

PSO CSR Trust supported Dar ul Sukun for purchase of a Toyota HIACE van for use as an ambulance. This is to facilitate in mobilizing children with disabilities for daily use or emergencies if need be. PSO CSR Trust hopes to build stronger communities through philanthropy that create sustainable and lasting impacts.

The Aziz Jehan Begum Trust has been actively working for the cause of visually impaired community. PSO CSR Trust donation will enable more than 50 students at the educational facility of the AJBT to continue their education and become self-reliant and productive members of the society.

PSO has been working enthusiastically to ensure access to quality education among academically bright and deserving students. PSO CSR Trust has joined hands with the ICAP to provide educational assistance in form of scholarships to bright students.

#PSO aims to improve the standards of education. The PSO CSR Trust has supported NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with funding for scholarships and refurbishing of classrooms.

The PSO CSR Trust has provided financial assistance to the FESF's Deaf Reach School in Sukkur. By investing in the education of primary school students through the FESF, PSO is trying to ensure that deaf students are set on the journey towards self-resilience and self-empowerment.

Education has potential to transform the future of the nation! PSO's partnership with @ibakarachi has ensured provision of higher education for deserving bright students without worrying about their financial circumstances.

Almost 11% of the country's population suffers from blindness or related visual diseases. #PSO supports leading #healthcare organizations, like the #LRBT, to help fight blindness in #Pakistan so that needy patients may live fulfilling lives.

Mental illness is real and so is recovery. #PSO is striving to turn around the lives of ordinary people by making them a productive organ of the society. PSO therefore supports Karwan-e-Hayat in their mission that no patient walking into Karwan-e-Hayat is denied medical treatment.

More than 60,000 children are born in #Pakistan every year with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Thanks to #PSO's partnership with The Aga Khan University Hospital, child patients with CHD receive quality free of cost treatment to live a #healthylife. PSO is helping deserving children and their families to be able to dream of a prosperous tomorrow.

Child mortality rate in #Pakistan remains at an alarming level. #PSO believes that children are our future and saving their lives means saving our country’s future. PSO’s partnership with the #ChildLifeFoundation has ensured that children at imminent risk have access to quality and affordable #Healthcare facilities.

The funding from #PSO has enabled #TheCitizensFoundation to build five school campuses, some of them are in remote areas of #Pakistan. Watch staff of #TCF PSO Campus in Wasi Malook Shah narrating their story that how PSO support has changed life in their village due to access to #education, particularly for girl students.

Realizing the hardship faced by patients with humble backgrounds, #PSO regularly supports organizations like the #IndusHospital. Watch the story of Anis, Jalal and Satish who got timely healthcare support by the Indus Hospital, thanks to financial assistance provided by PSO.

#PSO feels proud to partner with the Shahid Afridi Foundation. Watch heartwarming visuals from students and staff of SAF School Malikpur Campus, Powered by PSO, while our national hero Shahid Afridi, shares the joint commitment with PSO to address issues in Pakistan's #education sector.

Cancer is known to be the 2nd leading cause of death after heart diseases. #PSO regularly supports charitable cancer hospitals to help needy patients. Through its donation, PSO CSR Trust is helping Cancer Care Hospital and Research Center to deal with the deadly disease by constructing a free-of-cost state of the art cancer care facility in the country.

#PSO believes in lending a helping hand. In doing so, PSO has supported the #BehbudAssociation Secondary School to provide quality #education to the underprivileged. This initiative will help children to realize their potential and dream of a better future.

#PSO believes in transforming lives of youth to make them productive members of society. Our partnership with the #AmanFoundation is enhancing technical and soft skills of many by aligning them to needs of the local and international labor market.

Access to quality medical care is a fundamental right of every citizen of the country. #PSO regularly supports charitable hospitals, like #GhurkiHospital, to bring quality medical facilities in the range of needy and deserving masses of #Pakistan.

Education has the potential to transform the future. PSO has facilitated basic #education facilities in Thar region. Watch members of the PHC narrating the efforts to bring children of Thar at par with rest of the country.

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